Experienced Professionals

The Karlsruhe network of filmmakers, artists and broadcasters are professional, experienced, reliable and efficient. We help connect you while supporting your film production for all your logistic and infrastructure needs. This allows you the most efficient and fastest shooting schedule for your film. From low costs to great locations; Karlsruhe is where films are made.


We offer the whole spectrum of film professionals from producers to directors, production managers to production assistants, directors of photography to steadicam operators, from sound engineers to lighting staff, editors to visual effects and from actors to stunt coordinators. These professionals bring years of film experience, reputation and talent with them.


There are well trained young professionals who have studied at one of our creative academic institutions such as the film academy of Baden-Württemberg, the High School of Media in Stuttgart, the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg or the Karlsruhe University of Art and Design. Many of the film production organizations are based in Karlsruhe because of the optimized infrastructure, good locations and excellent economic conditions.


Companies like Südwest Film, kambeckfilms or prestigefilm rent high end film equipment such as camera and lighting systems, editing and well equipped studio space. High film production quality has been rewarded with prizes and many of the film and television productions have been well served by the locally structured networks and have raved about the finished products in their home countries.


The demanding requirements of a film set, varied budgets and fast turn around requires professional logistic support, short distances between locations, efficient crew and a local understanding of a universal product. Karlsruhe has all this to offer and more.


The sophisticated public transportation system of trams and buses allow for easy access between the different locations and other key city centers in Baden-Württemberg as well as easy access to major highways. You can reach different airports like Baden-Airpark, Stuttgart and Frankfurt International airports, in less than two hours. Karlsruhe is a role model of public transportation that has attracted world wide attention and has inspired transportation officials from many cities and countries in the world.


Our tourist services can arrange hotel rooms for special conditions and our service officers have broad organizational skills to serve all your demands. We will find individual solutions tailor made for each and every film production.


Do you need car rental service, restaurant advice, set drivers or a caterer? Your make-up artist is ill or a costume designer needs assistance for the right outfit to dress your star. Do you need additional staff and crew, actors and extras? We can provide assistance and alternatives; short term.


Creative professionals offering creative solutions. Karlsruhe, where your idea comes alive!